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The Christian Walk by Miguel Zamorano (Paperback Book)

The Christian Walk by Miguel Zamorano (Paperback Book)

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The Christian Walk By Miguel Zamorano is an insightful E-Book that focuses on strengthening your Christian faith walk through a 21 day devotional.

  • Author: Miguel Zamorano
  • Cover Type: Paperback Copy
  • Edition Type: Regular Edition
  • Language: English
  • Number of Pages: 128 Pages.

In this E-Book, Miguel Zamorano shares his wisdom and guides readers through a journey towards a deeper and stronger relationship with Christ. The book is aimed at helping you to develop spiritual discipline, daily habits, and principles that will lead to growth in your Christian faith walk over the course of the next three weeks.

The devotional in this book is designed to enhance your understanding of God's word by providing valuable insights into biblical teachings. The practical applications shared will help you improve various aspects of your life such as relationships, work-life balance and personal development while keeping Christ at the center.

This beautifully written E-book provides readers with an engaging spiritual journey that offers insights into God's word while promoting positive personal growth. It's perfect for anyone interested in strengthening their relationship with God while gaining valuable life lessons along the way!


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